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The biggest factor for getting the most out of your Grove Bag is to ensure you've properly dried your product. When using a moisture meter, ideal moisture content is 11-12%. You can also use the "snap test" to know when drying is complete. Once your cannabis is dry, heat seal the bag and store it in a cool, dark room between 15-20 degrees. There is no need to purchase a two-way humidity packet or oxygen scrubber. Most importantly, no burping is required!

This is one of the only cases where a two-way humidity packet will be needed. Once your cannabis is in range again, feel free to remove the humidity packet.

Yes, all Grove Bags films have high barrier properties that provide superior discretion, keeping you compliant at all times. For best results, heat seal all bags.





No. Grove Bags perform their best when they have 20% free space in each bag.

Though we say no burping that assumes the product has been dried to the proper range. If not you can simply burp the bag for a couple days until the product is within 58 - 62% humidity.


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